B&O Play A6 Luxury Wired Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker (Oxidised Brass)

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• High quality sound
• Premium durable materials
• Wifi and Multiroom speaker
• Customizable design
• Five-channel speaker
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Made for life
Wake up happy to the rich sound of your favorite tunes.
Designed to fit your style, and engineered to impress you with extraordinary sound, Beoplay A6 will be your digital music companion for life.

Beoplay A6 is the evolution of the classic stereo and a true innovation in sound. Featuring a unique design that gives you Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound no matter where you are and wherever the speaker is placed.
With the intuitive touch interface there’s no need to open your eyes or pick up your phone to control the speaker. Just reach out and touch Beoplay A6.

Perfectly placed
Amazing sound from anywhere in the room.
Beoplay A6 is a speaker that works anywhere and for any occasion. And it’s easy to move. Just grab the handle and move the speaker to where you want to enjoy the music.

The sound of Beoplay A6 can be adjusted and optimized to best suit its placement in the room. Choose from three predefined settings – wall, free standing or corner. This is controlled manually from a switch placed on the back of the speaker.

Connected audio
Music in every room
You can play different music in different rooms – or let one song play on all your speakers throughout the home.
Beoplay A6 is a one-point music system that fills your home with spectacular sound by itself or you can connect more multiroom enabled speakers for a seamless sound experience. Beoplay A6 supports both Chromecast built-in and BeoLink Multiroomtechnology and combines seamlessly with Beoplay A9 and Beoplay M5, or you can connect via Bluetooth, Airplay or DLNA.

B&O PLAY x Kvadrat – Designer fabrics
Beoplay A6 looks as good as it sounds, clad in beautiful wool-blend fabrics from high-end manufacturer Kvadrat.
The fabric on Beoplay A6 is custom designed, in collaboration with Kvadrat, who are widely recognized for their design textiles.
The fabric provides acoustic transparency while maintaining the desired aesthetics. This is done using delicate and sophisticated multi-coloured threads.

Under the hood
The sweet spot is everywhere
Beoplay A6 is much more than just a regular two-channel stereo speaker.
It’s rather a beast of a five-channel speaker that brings you an ambient sound experience no matter where you are placed. The setup features 2 x 60 watt class D for woofer, 1 x 60 watt class D for full range, 2 x 30 watt class D for tweeter.

The fifth, backwards-pointing speaker allows us to maximize the spaciousness of the sound you experience, no matter where you’re placed in the room.

The design of the grill on the back of the speaker is not only pleasing to the eye, it is also optimised for sound dispersion.

Specification / Additional Information

Product Information
Brand B&O
Model Play A6 Luxury Wired Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Speaker

2 x 60 watt class D for woofer
1 x 60 watt class D for full range
2 x 30 watt class D for tweeter

2 x 5,5′ woofer
1 x 1.5′ full range
2 x ¾’ tweeter

Apple AirPlay
Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Spotify Connect
QPlay 2.0 (China specific)
Chromecast built-in

1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
1 x Line-in with sense (for any analogue audio device)
1 x USB (for service use)

WLAN – 802.11B/G/N (2.4GHZ & 5GHZ)
Apple Airplay
DLNA Wireless Streaming
Bluetooth 4.0

Colour : OXidised Brass
Weight : 3200 g
Dimensions : 536 x 298 x 144 mm

In The Box & Warranty
A6 Speaker
1 Cover / Case
Quick user guide
AC Adapter
Warranty 12 Months

Article Information
Article No B&O-PLAY-A6-OB


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