Monitor Audio Hexa Mass – MR4, MR1, MR Center, MRW10 – 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System


• Hi-Fi 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System
• New C-Cam Tweeter
• MMP Mid Woofers for an Outstanding Experience
• Bas-reflex Bass, Front Outlet & Back
• Bass Chamber Enclosed
• Available in Oak Wood / Brown Limited Edition too
• Highly damped enclosures, cross-braced with tie-bolt driver fixings.
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The equipment of each model in this series can confidently compete with much more expensive speakers of competition, offering breathtaking sound in both stereo and multi-channel systems. Also from the aesthetic side it is simply a CLASS. Finished with a very nice vinyl veneer, with improved loudspeaker terminals, as well as refined transducers, they will bring a lot of joy and pleasure to listening to music and watching movies. By establishing a new landmark in terms of style, sound and class, Monitor Audio has created a product that raises the bar for the entire industry.
MR4 Floor Column

This model reflects the spirit and ambitions of the Monitor Reference series? MR4 is a newly defined BR4 model known from the Bronze series. The new column was created by slightly slimming the appearance, giving a more sophisticated profile and replacing the mid-woofer with the BR4 two? 140 mm bass and mid-woofer, combining power and dynamics with full bandwidth in low and medium frequency ranges. Two-and-a-half system in MR4 has been optimized by using a rigid housing and separate a separate chamber for each transmitter? this type of construction has been seen so far only in the more expensive Monitor Audio series. MR4 housing is extremely resistant to vibrations, which is why it was avoided? Box? the nature of sound, leaving a natural hue, purity and an amazing sound stage.
MR1 Base Column

This small speaker allows you to enjoy high quality sound in the smallest spaces. You will fall in love with the rhythm, dynamism and purity of this versatile “baby”. The compact dimensions, similar to the predecessor (BR1), do not interfere with achieving wide frequency response and good linearity, as well as in obtaining an exceptional sound definition. Two-way MR1 speaker is equipped with a 140 mm MMPII mid-woofer and a 25 mm C-CAM tweeter.


Monitor Audio MR Center MR series loudspeaker. It was in him that he managed to challenge all the limits regarding the design of products from the budget price range. It is a loudspeaker that not only reproduces the natural sound of the voice, but also significantly extends the frequency response. This means that the MR can be used both as a center speaker and as a surround speaker, supported by the MRW10 subwoofer. Two 140 mm MMPII transducers and one 25 mm C-CAM tweeter are hidden in the casing. The extremely polished crossover divides the signal in such a way as to match the center speaker MR to the other columns in this series.

MRW-10 Active Sub Woofer

A compact but awe-inspiring look. A new 254 mm MMPII bass driver driven by a 100 watt class D amplifier. Deep, dynamic controlled bass. Newly designed amplifier and control sections, so that the subwoofer can go below 30 Hz. Two types of finish complete the picture of this incredibly sounding subwoofer.

Additional information


Monitor Audio


Hega Mass – MR4, MR1, MR Center, MRW10 – 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Speaker Details

Monitor Audio MR4 Floor Column


(RMS) 150 W

Monitor Audio

MR1 Base Column


Bass rear outlet

Weight (kg)





60 Hz-30 kHz band


(1 w / 1 m) 91 dB


6 ohms

Power (RMS)

120 W

Bass Chamber

Enclosed Enclosure


2 x 140 mm low-tone MMPII, 1 x 25 mm C-CAM tweeter

MRW-10 Active Sub Woofer

MRW-10 Active Sub Woofer

Low frequency limit

20 Hz

Upper frequency limit

45-150 Hz (adjustable)

Low pass filter

12 dB / octave

Housing Thickness of walls?

16 mm, bass reflex

Power Amplifier

100 W


1 x 254 mm, low frequency

Input impedance

20 kohms

Power Supply

220-240 V

Dimensions (mm)

320 x 280 x 280


(kg) 12.9

In The Box & Warranty

Warranty 12 Months

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